Catalogue of Writings

Introduction Articles

  1. Earthscore Overview by Oliver Lowenstein

Additional Resources

  1. Relational Circuit - 2D image
  2. Relational Circuit - 3D image
  3. Mobius Strip image
  4. Performance Profile


  1. Video Chi
  2. Earthscore Notation for Orchestrated Perception about the Natural World
  3. Earthscore for Artists
  4. The History of American Video Art and the Future of European Television
  5. Self Processing

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Threeing: The Art of Relating

  1. Three Way Solution
  2. Ten Lessons in Threeing - Intro
  3. Performance Profile for Threeing

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  1. Video Score for the Coast of Cape Ann
  2. Forest Forever: The New York City Cycle
  3. Meditation of the Arthur Kill and the Kill Van Kull
  4. Mountain Waters: A proposal to produce a half-hour video interpretation of water ecologies in the Northern Shawangunk Mountains.
  5. Symphony for the Jersey Shore


Creating Curriculum for Sustainability: The Earthscore Notation

  1. Introduction: Creating Curriculum for Sustainability: The Earthscore Notation
  2. Component One: Three Comprehensive Categories of Knowledge
  3. Component Two: The Relational Circuit
  4. Component Three: Cooperative Learning
  5. Component Four: Creative Envisioning of Sustainability
  6. Component Five: Coordinating the Interpretation of Ecosystems

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  1. A Sign of Itself
  2. McLuhan and Earthscore
  3. Face-to-Face in Wired World
  4. Metalogue: Gregory Bateson, Paul Ryan
  5. Gender and Threeing, Ecology and Cyberspace
  6. The Blessed Trinity and the Practice of Threeing
  7. Threeing and Peace

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  1. Communication for the Riverside Park Community
  2. The Ecochannel Design
  3. NEST: New York City Ecochannel for a Sustainable Tomorrow
  4. Peirce and Work
  5. Video Rangers
  6. Watershed Watch

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  1. Videotape: Infolding Information
  2. Guerrilla Strategy and Cybernetic Theory
  3. Jesus Crucified, the Living Earth and Television
  4. Video, Computers and Memory
  5. A Genealogy of Video
  6. Video Journey Through Utopia

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Further Reading

  1. Al Robbins was a Warrior Artist
  2. The Millenium, Montage, Remote Sensing and the Earthscore Method
  3. A Modest Proposal to Replace the Priesthood with the Practice of Threeing
  4. Paul Ryan Video Pioneer: A Willoughby Sharp Interview
  5. Relationships
  6. Watershed Watch News
  7. Videotapes, Artworks, Texts
  8. Grey Room 44, 2011 Interview

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